Selecting Your Team

Real estate agents and real estate companies are unique.  Each possesses different skill sets, educational backgrounds, experience levels, marketing and advertising resources, and service commitments.  Here is a guide to important considerations when selecting your agent.  We will address all of these items regarding our team, but you should also consider asking theses questions of any agent being interviewed in the process.

  • Is your agent knowledgeable about the local market?
  • Does your agent know current market factors and trends?
  • Is you agent a REALTOR?  Not every licensed agent is a REALTOR.
    REALTORS are members of the National Association of REALTORS,
    as well as their state and local associations.
    A REALTOR has committed to the highest levels of ethics in the industry and will be well informed through the resources, and education, provided by the association.
  • Does your agent have access to the multiple listing service, where new listings are added from all agents in the community?
  • Can your agent provide client references and testimonials from past clients?
  • Are they a member of a reputable company with experience in the market, resources for training, marketing and transaction tools?
  • Is your agent focused on serving you with communication and a style that works for you?
  • Can you trust and rely upon your agent to represent you, negotiate for you and focus on your needs?

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